The use of state of the art software improves thru-put, confirms process and results in competitive lead times for stamping die building.



Professional die designers and engineers have over 6 years average experiences.All of the designers are skilled to use the popular 2D and 3D software.

1200T Press


Tool size up to 5500*
2000*1300 mm,tryout presses tonnage from 100 T to 1200 T.And the in-house machining capacities ensure the works finished punctually.

Production Lines


Strong abilities of designing and manufacturing support our production plant to provide our clients the full stamping services.Products covered a wide range of automobile and other parts.

Our Capabilities

  • Over 2 decades rich experiences in stamping tooling designing and manufacturing.
  • Professional team owns specialized knowledge, serving the clients with passion and energy.
  • The state of the art software,equipments and facility guarantee the realization of your concept.

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